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It’s that time of year again! The annual Christmas bird counts have nearly begun.

In the 1800’s, Americans would celebrate the Christmas holiday by heading to the fields and woods with their guns, killing as many  birds as they possibly could in order to “win” the competition with their friends and neighbors. You can imagine the toll the hunting took on local avian populations; as a result, in 1900 […]

Cuckoos in Maine?

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When you hear the word “cuckoo,” you think of one of two things: 1) A crazy person or 2) The bird behind the famous “cuckoo” clocks. But did you know that during the summer months, Maine is home to not one but two species of cuckoos? Black-billed Cuckoos can be found throughout the state during […]

Introducing Birding Maine

Erika Zambello

Over 400 species of birds have been spotted in Maine. Some are found all year round, others breed during the warmer months, and still others stopover on their way north or south during the spring and fall migration.

People often ask me how I discovered my love of birding. It’s simply really, I always tell them, the classic combination of a “one-two” punch.